Top Towing Risks

What You Need To Know

2Heavy forces are exerted when loading and unloading towed vehicles, driving while towing is also no simple matter. For these reasons there are substantial risks involved in towing, doing it improperly may result in damage to property, personal injury or even death.

Professional tow truck techs as well as people who regularly tow using their own vehicles (for instance towing with a dolly for transporting a vintage vehicle to exhibitions) know that each and every tow should be handled carefully taking into consideration unique characteristics of every case.

When loading and unloading heavy strains are exerted on equipment such as wire cables, chains, straps and winches. If mismanaged such forces may cause tears or breaks. When this happens those operating the equipment as well as anyone else in the vicinity may be struck, resulting in serious injury and even death.

Why It Is Better To Be Towed By Pros

Towing risks are not over once the towed vehicle is securely in place, driving while towing is tricky and requires practice. Mistakes made on the road may easily end in accidents. It is enough not to slow down enough before negotiating a curve to cause a load in tow to tip over.

The risks involved are a good reason to place towing disabled vehicles in the hands of professional tow techs who have the necessary equipment, knowledge and experience to do the job both quickly and safely.