How To change a Flat Tire In 7 Simple Steps

Here’s a step by step description of a flat tire change:

  1. Make sure vehicle is parked on solid, level ground, as far away from passing traffic as possible. Lay out all you’ll need (jack, wrench, spare, gloves, flash light if its dark). Put on a bright yellow safety vest to avoid being hit.
  2. Unlock all the nuts holding the flat tire in place. Just a half turn to each nut will do, step on the wrench to accomplish this if necessary.
  3. Lift the car up using the jack. Lift the side the flat tire is on, place the jack under a spot designed for this purpose. Make sure you lift the flat tire high enough off the ground so that not only  can it be removed but that the full, spare tire can be fitted in its place.
  4. Loosen all the nuts holding the flat tire in place and remove it. Place the spare one in its place and close the nuts so that it stays secure. Do not attempt to tighten the nuts too much or you may cause the car to fall off the jack.
  5. Lower the car off the jack and tighten all the nuts holding the spare tire in place of the flat you had removed. Step on the wrench to give each nut a final securing.
  6. Put everything away, get the flat tire fixed as soon as possible and return it to its place leaving the spare tire to also be returned to its place.