In & Out Towing – Flatbed or Dolly?

flatbed towingIf you’ve ever experienced having your car towed you have probably wondered why your tow truck company comes with either a flatbed trailer or a tow dolly. What is the difference? Which is better? The most important difference between flatbed towing and towing with a dolly is the degree of safety that each tow truck provides.

The most secure way to transport a vehicle is to use the flatbed towing method because the vehicle is safely secured on top of the tow truck. Because none of the wheels are on the road itself the vehicle doesn’t withstand impairment.

Dollies, on the other hand, create a possibility of causing damage to your vehicle because the tow truck might hit large bumps or potholes in the road. The tow dolly lifts only the front wheels of your vehicle off the ground.

Also consider the price. A great advantage to the tow dolly is the fact that it will save you cash on the amount of mileage because the tow dolly maintains the same mileage count as it did before the tow. Bear in mind, though the safest way to transport a vehicle is using a flatbed tow truck.