Effortless Jump Starts and Flat Tire Changes

Changing flat tires and jumpstarting batteries and may seem like an impossible task to a novice, but they are straightforward and uncomplicated to experts like In & Out Towing. If you want some instruction on doing it yourself here it is. We do, however, highly recommend you contact In & Out Towing for all your tire changing and battery jumpstart needs.

Battery Jumpstarts

All you need to do essentially is to begin by clipping the positive cable on your vehicle’s positive battery terminal (marked with a plus symbol). It is usually have a red cable attached to it.  Then take the negative cable to the booster vehicle and connect it to the battery terminal (marked with a negative symbol). It will usually have a black cable attached to it. Start up the working car and then try to start up your broken-down car. Take the cable off and you should be ready to go.

Of course the directions above seem simple since you have your own jumper cables and someone else’s battery, but it’s a bit more tricky that that. It’s always better to call the experienced professionals at In & Out Towing. The jumpstart will only get you where you want to go once, but you know that you will need more than a jumpstart to get anywhere else. You probably need a new battery. In & Out Towing can replace the battery or at worst tow your vehicle to your local mechanic.

Tire Changes

At one time or another you or someone you know has been or will be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. In & Out Towing has some tips for you in changing your flat tire. Make sure you have a spare, though. If all else fails call us and we’ll be there for you.

  1. Remove the jack from the trunk and place it beneath the underside of the vehicle
  2. Life the jack only so that the car is supported off the ground
  3. Take off the hub cap
  4. At first just lightly untighten the lug nuts
  5. Hike up the jack some more so that the tire is completely off the ground
  6. Take off the lug nuts
  7. Take the tire off
  8. Replace the spare onto the hub
  9. Use firm pressure in order to firmly tighten the lug nuts
  10. Lower the car back onto the pavement