Car Lockout Prevention

Getting locked out of your car is a pain. There’s no two ways about it. Find yourself locked out and you can forget about getting to the office, the store or your kids’ soccer practice. In fact, you can forget about getting anywhere. Car lockouts should be avoided at all costs then.

To give you a helping hand in the battle to avoid car lockouts, we at In & Out Towing have compiled five quick tips to prevent a lockout. Read on to find out how you can keep on motoring.

  1. Keys, wallet, phone 

Before you go any place, always remember to check for your keys, wallet and phone. It’s something most of us do but it still remains the most foolproof way of remembering to take your keys with you.

  1. Make some noise

It’s ridiculously easy to drop a set of keys and walk away unwittingly. To ensure that you never drop keys without noticing, add some heavy attachments to your key chain or, even better, something that’ll make a great deal of noise when it hits the floor.

  1. Keep a spare

No matter what precautions you take, there will always be a chance that you will lose your car keys. Always keep a spare somewhere handy then. A spare at the office, with a family member, or with a neighbor are all good options.

  1. Check any electrical faults on your car

Today, the majority of us use electronic car keys. While these offer some peace of mind it’s worth remembering that an electrical fault on your car, particularly a fault with the central locking system, can render your transponder key useless. If you notice a fault, get it looked at!

  1. Check your transponder key(s) regularly

Electronic transponder keys, including your spare key, should be checked regularly to ensure they are in full working order. If they seem sluggish or even a little non-responsive, it can be a sign of a bigger problem. Get them checked before they leave you in the lurch.


While car lockouts are preventable, they’re not always avoidable. If you find yourself locked out, and if you’re in the San Diego region, contact In & Out Towing and we’ll soon have you back behind the wheel.